Saturday, September 17, 2011

I was looking!

My kids started school a couple weeks ago.  Every day for the past two weeks has been a breeze getting them ready for school because they are really excited to go!  The night before they get their lunches ready, lay out what they are gonna wear the next day shower and are in bed by 8:30.

Well that was until Thursday night...

Charles my 5 year old was moving a bit slower than the previous nights.  I made his lunch, we didn't lay out his clothes and he didn't go to bed until around 10 despite my efforts to get him in his bed.

I should have known that Friday morning was going to be rough.  We got up and he was still moving as slow as the night before.  I finally got him to put his clothes on. About 5 minutes later he comes running out of his room with a pillow stuff up the back of his shirt and yelling "JET PACK,  I'M WEARING A JET PACK!"  He was blasting himself off all the furniture, jumping off the tables acting like a crazy person!  

I finally captured him and took off his jet pack (removed the pillow from his shirt) and told him to go find his shoes and put them on.  

10 minutes go by and out comes Charles and Guess what he was doing...

Yup,  Jet Pack re mounted and screaming "JET PACK!!!"

and yup no shoes!

I used my stern mommy voice and asked him where his shoes were.  He looked at me and said 

Him..."I can't find them"

Me...""Did you even look"

Him..." I was looking"

*** long pause***

Him "well I was looking at the T.V."

What is a mom to do?
At least he was honest!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dance Central anyone?

Much like the rest of the world my family has an addiction to XBOX!  But I must admit I think my husband and I are on the more sever end of the addiction.

This problem started many years ago and it only included my husband.


Dance Central...

Hey I know that most of you out there know what I'm talking about.  The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem.

My husband brought the game home under the guise of "this is gonna be great for the kids!"  yeah right!

I took it out of the box and promptly stood the kids in front of the TV and said "DANCE!".  I stood back and watched them for a bit and as soon as they were not getting enough stars to move on to the next song, I pushed them out of the way and jumped in!

That was the beginning stage of my addiction.

I was opening a business in a different town so my husband and I rented a home in that town and we commuted back and forth to see each other.  The only problem with that was the XBOX and Dance Central sadly stayed at my husbands house.  So one would think that was a short addiction.  Nope!  I ran out and bought another XBOX and anther copy of Dance Central.  The really sad thing is that I used the same excuse that he did "The kids really love the game so I don't want them to go without it".

Bad right?

Well it gets worse.

My daughter Venice is a cheerleader.  She is only 7 but there are older girls that cheer in the same program.   I quickly put their amazing dance skills to work!  I had the teenage girls come over to my house and beat all the songs in the game with my account name.

Now with my Dance Central scores it looks like I should be next seasons winner on So You Think You Can Dance!

The Bright side of the family video game addiction is that my 5 year old boy can do the JERK!

Thank You Shannon, Britney and T.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This couldn't wait

I have a very close friend of mine that is an amazing writer.  (Check her out at Anyways she and I are writing a book about my families journey with Autism.  My friend is always writing funny little stories about the time that she has spent with my kids as their nanny.
A few days ago she wrote a really funny story about how my oldest son (Kegan has Autism) would always try to sneak down stairs while the other kids were sleeping.  She went into silly details on the process in which he would try to sneak and so on... ( like I said she is an amazing writer I almost pee my pants every time I read one of her blogs so you can imagine how detailed this sneaking episode was)

I was reading the comments that were made about the story and she was criticized for not making him take a nap with the other kids instead of making him stay upstairs.
This is what was said

 "it never occured to you to just let him go and see what happened without the drama? Or "Oh, you're taking a nap too! Thank you Kegan." I thought you were more devious then that.
 "I know you can't force a child to take a nap. But, if he thinks that is what you want, he might have been more compliant to go upstairs and leave the others alone."

I was a bit irritated by this because She was doing everything in her power to help the other kids get some quality sleep. Kegan is very strong willed.  I wish there was a "sleep when I tell you to sleep" mode that I could have put him in.  That didn't come until years later when I went to a doctor and begged him to give Kegan something to make him sleep. There were times that he would not sleep for days at a time.  Picture this...  the entire family trying to sleep while kegan took everything out of the refrigerator, drawers and cabinets while screaming EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and clapping so loud that it sounds like a rock hitting your windshield from a semi-truck tire.  So the other kids needed their peaceful afternoon naps.

Thank you DANI!!!!!

Mom, where's my sister?

For my first entry I thought I would keep it light hearted.

I am a mother of 4 kids.  I have a new 4 month old Kaimera, a 5 year old Charles, a 7 year old Venice and my oldest Kegan who is 10.  Kegan has autism and you can read all about him at the kegan zone...


A few months ago I was up really early in the morning with the new baby.  Out of all my kids I swear she is the crankiest!  She was not sleeping very well so I wound up sleeping on the recliner holding her on my chest trying not to move at all in order to not wake up the sleeping monster. (Ok it might be that there is a five year age difference between my two youngest so I just have blocked out the cranky babies that I had in the past.)  At about 6 am, probably five minutes after I finally fell asleep, Charles wakes up and sleepily comes over to the recliner and yanks open one of my eyelid and asks

"Mom are you awake?"

 I opened my eyes blinked a few times and said

"Yes Charles"

He looked into my eyes, blinked a few times and asked

 "Where's my sister?"

Remembering the sleeping monster on my chest I pointed at her.

Side note...  Charles is not quite use to having to share his mommy.  He has made it really clear that he is not interested in his new little sister.

Charles crumbled up his face and said

 "No the one that looks like me!!!"

I could not hold in my laugh and ended up with a crying baby.