Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This couldn't wait

I have a very close friend of mine that is an amazing writer.  (Check her out at www.deathbycupcakes01.blogspot.com) Anyways she and I are writing a book about my families journey with Autism.  My friend is always writing funny little stories about the time that she has spent with my kids as their nanny.
A few days ago she wrote a really funny story about how my oldest son (Kegan has Autism) would always try to sneak down stairs while the other kids were sleeping.  She went into silly details on the process in which he would try to sneak and so on... ( like I said she is an amazing writer I almost pee my pants every time I read one of her blogs so you can imagine how detailed this sneaking episode was)

I was reading the comments that were made about the story and she was criticized for not making him take a nap with the other kids instead of making him stay upstairs.
This is what was said

 "it never occured to you to just let him go and see what happened without the drama? Or "Oh, you're taking a nap too! Thank you Kegan." I thought you were more devious then that.
 "I know you can't force a child to take a nap. But, if he thinks that is what you want, he might have been more compliant to go upstairs and leave the others alone."

I was a bit irritated by this because She was doing everything in her power to help the other kids get some quality sleep. Kegan is very strong willed.  I wish there was a "sleep when I tell you to sleep" mode that I could have put him in.  That didn't come until years later when I went to a doctor and begged him to give Kegan something to make him sleep. There were times that he would not sleep for days at a time.  Picture this...  the entire family trying to sleep while kegan took everything out of the refrigerator, drawers and cabinets while screaming EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and clapping so loud that it sounds like a rock hitting your windshield from a semi-truck tire.  So the other kids needed their peaceful afternoon naps.

Thank you DANI!!!!!

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