Saturday, September 17, 2011

I was looking!

My kids started school a couple weeks ago.  Every day for the past two weeks has been a breeze getting them ready for school because they are really excited to go!  The night before they get their lunches ready, lay out what they are gonna wear the next day shower and are in bed by 8:30.

Well that was until Thursday night...

Charles my 5 year old was moving a bit slower than the previous nights.  I made his lunch, we didn't lay out his clothes and he didn't go to bed until around 10 despite my efforts to get him in his bed.

I should have known that Friday morning was going to be rough.  We got up and he was still moving as slow as the night before.  I finally got him to put his clothes on. About 5 minutes later he comes running out of his room with a pillow stuff up the back of his shirt and yelling "JET PACK,  I'M WEARING A JET PACK!"  He was blasting himself off all the furniture, jumping off the tables acting like a crazy person!  

I finally captured him and took off his jet pack (removed the pillow from his shirt) and told him to go find his shoes and put them on.  

10 minutes go by and out comes Charles and Guess what he was doing...

Yup,  Jet Pack re mounted and screaming "JET PACK!!!"

and yup no shoes!

I used my stern mommy voice and asked him where his shoes were.  He looked at me and said 

Him..."I can't find them"

Me...""Did you even look"

Him..." I was looking"

*** long pause***

Him "well I was looking at the T.V."

What is a mom to do?
At least he was honest!


  1. Haaahahahahaaa!!! Hey... you didn't specify what he should be looking AT, now, did you?

  2. Why are all your ads for drug and alcohol treatment? LOL!

  3. My son used to always give me honest answers...and they were funny...but then he started using...not so honest answers...and they are funny too. But I want to bang my head against the wall.
    His answer to what happened to his sister's pants.