Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mom, where's my sister?

For my first entry I thought I would keep it light hearted.

I am a mother of 4 kids.  I have a new 4 month old Kaimera, a 5 year old Charles, a 7 year old Venice and my oldest Kegan who is 10.  Kegan has autism and you can read all about him at the kegan zone...


A few months ago I was up really early in the morning with the new baby.  Out of all my kids I swear she is the crankiest!  She was not sleeping very well so I wound up sleeping on the recliner holding her on my chest trying not to move at all in order to not wake up the sleeping monster. (Ok it might be that there is a five year age difference between my two youngest so I just have blocked out the cranky babies that I had in the past.)  At about 6 am, probably five minutes after I finally fell asleep, Charles wakes up and sleepily comes over to the recliner and yanks open one of my eyelid and asks

"Mom are you awake?"

 I opened my eyes blinked a few times and said

"Yes Charles"

He looked into my eyes, blinked a few times and asked

 "Where's my sister?"

Remembering the sleeping monster on my chest I pointed at her.

Side note...  Charles is not quite use to having to share his mommy.  He has made it really clear that he is not interested in his new little sister.

Charles crumbled up his face and said

 "No the one that looks like me!!!"

I could not hold in my laugh and ended up with a crying baby.


  1. Charles!!! He can come live at Dani's house and still be the baby. That's hilarious. love him!!!

  2. Oh my what a crack up I sure miss u all I love it. They are all growing up way to. Fast. I sure miss you all you tell the kids Chase really misses them! I can't believe how long Kia is she looks like she is as big as colt. This morning I got up and went in to get baby Colton I heard him in there babbling to him self giggling away and I walk in look at that smile of his and he was sitting up looks at me starts waving and say hi and my jaw dropped! I had to pinch myself make sure I was awake!